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Who Are We?

Tri-State Medical Group (TSMG) is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) formed in 1996. TSMG is an IPA which presently has nineteen medical practices, representing over 100 practicing physicians and 75 Allied Health Professionals.

TSMG also provides ongoing services for over 200 physicians and 125 Allied Health Professionals who are non-IPA members. TSMG has clients throughout the United States.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide accurate, timely and professional services to our clients.  We strive to provide services that will benefit our medical groups and give them the time and attention to provide quality healthcare services to their patients/clients.

TSMG Provides a Menu of Services:

Membership in the IPA

The below services can be purchased individually through your IPA membership or individually by any non-IPA member:

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