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Healthcare Provider Credentialing Services

Tri-State Medical Group provides Managed Care Support Services.
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Healthcare Provider Credentialing Services provides the physician practices access to our secured online provider Database providing them with pertinent information on each of their providers. Our staff members work diligently in giving their full attention to ensure the provider’s credentialing needs are meant timely and accurately”. TSMG eliminates this tedious task from each of your practices, and centralizes this process to reduce cost and time that can be better spent on providing quality care to your patients.

Healthcare Provider Credentialing Services:

  • New Group & Physician Contracting and Credentialing
  • Managed Care Plans & Hospital Application Completion
  • Fee Analysis Reports
  • Contract Matrix
  • Malpractice Claim Summary Program
  • Medicare & Medicaid Revalidations

Provider Credentialing

Provider Types:

  • Physicians
  • Nurse Practioners
  • Physician Assistants
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Behavioral Health
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical/Occupational Therapists
  • Hospital and Office based Providers

Managed Care Plans
Government Plans
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Medical Society

Managed Care Plans
Ambulatory Surgery Centers
Government Agencies
Maintenance of NPI & CAQH

(Client has access to Database for viewing)

Personal Information
Practice Information
Malpractice Coverage
Board Certifications
Hospital Privileges/ASC
List of Contracted Insurance Companies

Malpractice Carrier
Malpractice Claim Summary
Indiana Department of Insurance
National Practitioner Data Bank
Tri-State Medical Group provides Physician/Allied Health Credentialing Services.
Kelly Cochran
Chief Operations Officer
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Tri-State Medical Group provides Credential Verification Services.
Kelly Cochran
Chief Operations Officer
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Credentialing Verification

 Credentialing Verification Services for Hospitals & Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Credentialing verification services provides hospitals, ambulatory surgery center and insurance plan credentialing verification services for all providers on staff at their facility. The credentialing guidelines are determined by the facility’s by-laws, state regulations and their accreditation affiliation such as JCAHO or AAAHC.


TSMG maintains a profile for each provider through our secured database. The database contains all of the information that is required per theie credentialing verification standards. The facility has access to the database and cna give their accreditation entities authorization to access when doing their audits.

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