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Compliance Support Services

Tri-State Medical Group provides HIPAA compliant support services.

Nicole Hall, CPC
Compliance and Billing Services Manager
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Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA PRIVACY & SECURITY SUPPORT SERVICES)

TSMG’s Compliance Support Service assist clients with tools and resources to implement and monitor HIPAA Privacy/Security Policies and Procedures. TSMG helps to meet applicable state and federal regulation under the Administrative Simplification Act of HIPAA. We offer a hands-on approach in working with our groups and are always available as a resource for any HIPAA related issues.

HIPAA support services include:


  • Review established HIPAA privacy and security policies and procedures for compliance
  • Perform an assessment on the current standard of practice for patient information privacy and security, including physical walk-thru
    • Written report on findings/risk areas
  • Guidance on changes or additions needed for policies and procedures
    • Work with Privacy Officer to implement appropriate changes to existing polices or write any additional policies and procedures needed.
  • Implementation
    • Assist with implementing new HIPAA compliant policies and procedures
      • Work office and staff to implement and provide training on policy and procedures
    • Development of Policies and Procedures, Consent Forms, Authorization Forms, Business Associate Agreements and Notice of Privacy practices
      • Help create and implement forms or policies to help the client in their efforts towards HIPAA compliance
    • Training
      • Employee initial HIPAA training with “Certificate of Completion” held at TSMG or  online on-demand
        • HIPAA requires all new employees be trained on the organization’s policies and procedures and HIPAA regulations
      • Annual training supplied on-site for all workforce members
      • Topic Specific Training
        • In-service for specific issues and topics of interest
      • Supply HIPAA updates, as they occur, via e-mail
    • Help Desk
      • Tri-State Medical Group Compliance Manager is available by email or phone for any question or concern and will investigate your issue and supply answers via email, with supporting documentation.
        • If Tri-State Medical Group cannot answer your question, Tri-State will contact a local attorney for the answer.
      • Support for any HIPAA related complaints/investigations from your patients or any government investigators.
    • Monthly Compliance Newsletter
      • Keeps clients up to date on regulation changes, items to watch out for, compliance quiz, and monthly HIPAA security reminders

Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA) Compliance

TSMG Compliance Support Services assist practices with the development of a Corporate Compliance Program, which will meet the seven minimum requirements of the Federal Guidelines.  A Corporate Compliance program will aid your practice in complying with applicable federal and state laws, (which prohibit the filing of false or fraudulent claims with the government) as well as the requirement of a Fraud, Waste and Abuse and General Compliance plan and training by CMS.

FWA Compliance Support Services Include:

  • Compliance Plan Development
    • Assist practices in developing a plan for complying with applicable federal and state statutes, regulations, policies and procedures governing Medicare and Medicaid billing and reimbursement
    • Assist the practice in keeping their Compliance Plan current and updated
  • Compliance Plan Implementation
    • Assist practices in developing processes, procedures and business practices to effectively implement the plan and adhere to the Government Regulations
  • Compliance Hot-Line Voice Mail
    • Establish and maintain a dedicated telephone line to receive calls
    • Implement a process to protect the anonymity of complainants
    • Document and assist in mitigation of complaint
  • Training Services
    • New hire FWA Compliance training session held at TSMG monthly or on-demand online for all new workforce members
    • Annual training sessions for the all workforce member of the practice, including FWA and general compliance refreshers and any updates
    • Specialized in-service training at request of client
  • Auditing
    • Annual audit of Evaluation and Management claims regarding documentation and coding practices
    • One-on-one provider training based on audit results
    • Audit reports include individual physicians report, entire practice report, graphs comparing the practice against national averages and graphs comparing each individual physician against national averages
    • Additional audits maybe requested
  • Employee/Vendor Screening
    • Conduct a screening of employees and vendors by reviewing the HHS/OIG Cumulative Sanction Report
    • At the request of the practice, TSMG will also conduct criminal history checks
  • Help Desk
    • TSMG will answer questions or address concerns and will provide documentation to support TSMG’s response
    • TSMG will also assist with billing, coding and documentation questions
  • Monthly Compliance Newsletter
    • Keeps clients up to date on regulation changes, items to watch out for, compliance quiz, and relevant compliance news stories


Tri-State Medical Group provides Fraud, Waste & Abuse Compliance Services.

Nicole Hall, CPC
Compliance and Billing Services Manager
(260) 422-7524
[email protected]

Tri-State Medical Group, LLC provides OSHA Compliance Training Services.

Nicole Hall, CPC
Compliance and Billing Services Manager
(260) 422-7524
[email protected]

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Health and safety for patients and employees in your practice are of utmost importance.  To satisfy regulatory requirements medical practices must meet the requirements of OSHA.

OSHA Support Service includes:

OSHA Plan Development

  • Help create and implement written policies and procedures
    • Applicable to Healthcare Industry


  • General OSHA Healthcare standards new hire training
  • Annual OSHA training for all workforce members
  • Topical training can also be requested for identified issues or areas that need additional training


  • Hazard and general evaluation/inspection of the medical office(s)
    • Proper labels, warning signs
    • Disaster plan of action
    • Hazard Chemical and Safety Data Sheet Identification and Compliance
    • Compliance with BBP standard
    • Up to date safety and Labor posters

Help Desk

    • Questions and concern assistance for OSHA related issues
    • Answers given with supportive documentation

Monthly Compliance Newsletter

    • Keeps clients up to date on regulation changes, items to watch out for, compliance quiz, and relevant compliance news stories

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