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Medical Billing Services

Tri-State Medical Group provides Medical Billing Services to clients in the Illinois area.

Nicole Hall, CPC
Compliance and Billing Services Manager
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We are very pleased with Tri-State Medical Group, they have been professional, direct, reliable, and effective. Angela, our Billing Manager, has always been available for questions, coaching, and training our staff. She strategically helps guide our company through the labyrinth of billing issues. TSMG’s expertise, has helped us streamline our office procedures to adhere to specific compliance and contract issues. Angela’s attention to details and tenacity to follow up on accounts; has helped us resolve collection disputes and increased our profitability. TSMG is a great partnership and expert in their field.


Summit Plastic Surgery, P.C.

I have been a client of Tri-State Medical Group for two years. I have nothing to say except thank you for the good job! Tri-State is prompt, efficient and on top of all that needs to be done. Angela has been great; communicates and answers my messages immediately. I am happy with Tri-State’s good services and professionalism.

Samir Ishak, MD

Good Samaritan Mental Health Association, LLC

“ Tri-State Medical Group has allowed us to streamline our billing process and greatly improve our collection rate. The staff at Tri-State always goes above and beyond what is expected of a billing company. We have become a financially stronger organization and are better able to focus on our patient’s medical issues.”

Jansen Orthopaedic


TSMG offers billing services directly from your own software through remote or cloud base access, allowing for real time, accurate account data.

Privacy and Security

TSMG follows all compliance and HIPAA regulations. Your practice is protected by a Business Associate Agreement that follows the  HITECH Act and Omnibus Rule. By utilizing your current software, we reduce the transmission of protected health information allowing all data to be scanned directly into your database.


TSMG helps eliminate software and clearinghouse rejections by reviewing all encounters for accurate coding and modifiers before claims are submitted. We also confirm all payers are properly loaded into your software and all codes are entered in the proper order on claims for maximum reimbursement.

Claim Submission

Claims are submitted directly from your own software via electronic or paper submission. We monitor all claim logs and clearinghouses for rejections to ensure timely submission.

Claim Processing

TSMG investigates all rejections and denials to determine the best course of action.  We submit the proper documentation needed to support a corrected claim, re-determination, appeal or dispute to resolve the claim.

TSMG works with your financial lock box and online payer access to process all payments from Insurance companies, workers compensation and liability claims. We monitor all payments to ensure the highest reimbursement.

TSMG also investigates and notifies the client of all over-payments and take-backs. We will take action to correct any claims to ensure proper reimbursement and notify the client of any valid refunds.

Outstanding A/R

We monitor all claims over 30 days to ensure timely payment.

Patient Accounts

We will submit monthly statements to your patients and monitor all patient accounts over 90 days to ensure proper collections.  We post all payments from co-insurance, co-payments and deductibles and assist with collection efforts by utilizing payment plans, precollection letters and soft collection calls. We notify clients monthly of accounts recommended for collections and assist in the collections process.


With TSMG utilizing the client’s own software, accurate data is available anytime. We will also send monthly reports using data generated from the system that details the most accurate accounts receivable.


TSMG monitors all accounts receivable and recommends improvements as needed from the collections processes to fee schedule changes.

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